Sunday, December 29, 2013

Memory People changes lives, one person at a time...

I am so overwhelmed by the comments. This site can be life changing. Some say that's a pretty brash thing to claim.

All you have to do is read our posts. Indeed there are the heartbreaking ones. The ones that we know all we can offer is a word of compassion.

But just knowing that you are not alone in the journey means everything. To the patient, to the family, to the caregiver.

I knew this Mp would be a success simply because of the need. I had a need to find answers. Answers now, not two hours from now, or a day from now.

And even though we never claim to have all the answers here, you will get someone who is either going through the same thing, or has gone through what you are experiencing with your loved one.

Just by sharing our experiences opens up a whole new world to someone who comes here for the first time confused, stressed out, beaten down, and at their wits end.

We don't cure anything. We don't tell you that this disease will get better. It won't. It will slowly yet surly take your loved ones mind, then body and soul.

But isn't it better hearing the truth, then someone just telling you things to pacify you? Telling someone the truth is always better then telling them what they want to hear.

We do tell "fiblets", little white lies to our loved ones. But we need to protect them. And telling them something that they simply can't change and that will devastate them is not the answer.

Telling you husband his sister died, when he don't even know who is wife is, is no good for anyone. Plus you would indeed have to repeat this to them day in and day out.

Telling them "Yes, we will come and take you home", if they indeed are in a facility is fine. You have to remember as soon as you hang up the phone, that conversation is long gone from their memory.

They will ask you to come and get them again, but they won't say "You told me yesterday you would come and take me home".

They simply don't have the ability to remember that, so why not tell them what they want to hear???

I am so proud of what we have accomplished here on Mp. We have touched so many lives. And just by sharing with one another.

This is not rocket science, yet many other social networking sties could learn from us.

We simply are the best online support group on the net. And I am so glad each of you have found us...