Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My Reflections of 2013 on Memory People

As we close out on 2013, it's times like these I wish I could remember the things we accomplished here on Mp. I know there were many, cause there always is.

I think of the ones who passed, the families they left behind. I think of the people who found Mp and have been helped in one way or the other.

But most of all I wonder what 2014 will bring? How many more will find us and be helped and Supported through this journey? 

Without each of you, Mp would not exist. Every time you think about how Mp has helped you, perhaps in your deepest, darkest hour, it is indeed because of the wonderful people here who understand what we do and reach out to help one another.

Phyllis June and I sincerely hope the new year brings you joy, happiness, and most of all peace.

If you are planning on celebrating the new year coming in tonight, as always remember your loved ones.

Even a slight deviation from the routine can cause chaos with them.