Monday, January 13, 2014

Ask for a mini mental test

I noticed things were wrong about four or five years before my diagnosis.

It all started out slowly. First was things like names, addresses, numbers.

Then it began to get worse. I couldn't remember conversations that I had just had with anyone.

I tell people all the time, it's not like you forgetting where your car keys are, its like having them in your hand and not knowing what they are for.

It took me three years to get my local doctor convinced to refer me to a Neuro. And that's when things moved quickly.

Within days I was diagnosed. Then I had to begin the disability process which was grueling for anyone let alone a dementia patient.

From the time I was sent to a Neuro to the time I was approved for disability was about six months. Then there is a another six month wait for your checks to begin.

And as everyone knows the bills keep coming while you wait.

This devastated us financially. We had to rely on my wife's income, and had to pay for the meds I was prescribed.

Finally, two and a half years after being approved for disability I could enroll in the insurance. There is a 20 month wait for everyone.

If you suspect something is wrong, it probably is. I knew something was drastically wrong. Still, it took forever to get anyone to listen.

Get checked. Early detection is the answer. They of course can't cure anything but it will help with the stress just knowing what is going on.

Ask for a simple mini-mental test. They can do this non-evasive test in the doctors office in a matter of fifteen minutes.