Thursday, January 9, 2014

Dementia, we have been robbed

"Help...we've been robbed". That's what its like when you deal with this disease. You have indeed been robbed.

The patient, the family, everyone involved. Robbed of precious time together, precious memories, and robbed of being able to do what we once could do.

Dementia comes to us slowly. It knows no boundaries, it's does not exclude anyone on account of their race, sex, age.

Many people think you have to be elderly to be diagnosed with dementia. We here at Mp know thats absurd.

It's the stigma of the disease. You are supposed to be in a some sort of facility, sitting in a wheel chair, drooling, staring out into space.

I have been told over and over that they cannot believe I can express myself as I do. Dementia does not make you stupid.

I'm not being a wise guy here, but the number of people who think that a patient cannot form any kind of sentence or say what is on their mind is just staggering.

That too is the stigma of the disease. Once you meet one dementia patient, you have met one dementia patient. We are all different. We know this. Some cannot begin to form a sentence.

Some cannot be rational about anything. I too will be in the category one day. But for now, I can express what is going on.

This is the very reason I tell everyone ask me. From my doctors to our friends to complete strangers.

I have a wealth of information about dementia cause I live it every single day. Talk to a patient.

If you wanted to get your plumbing work done on your house you would call a plumber, not a house painter. This is the same. Listening to people who "know" about this disease, yet has no one around them with it, nor has it themselves is the same thing.

They are giving you opinions. Theirs. What I tell people is not my opinion, it is what is happening to me daily. I don't surmise what sundowners is, I know.

I don't guess what the horrible nightmares are nightly, I have them. I don't tell people what I have read or heard about dementia. First of all I can no longer read any more than a paragraph, but again I live it.

The very best info you can get about dementia is from someone who is living the disease. Not because I say so, it just makes common sense.

So when I say "We been robbed", we have indeed. They just didn't take everything. I still have some cognitive abilities. Now anyways.

But the thief will be back, that you can be sure of.

Tomorrow everything can change...