Monday, January 6, 2014

Hiding things from a patients perspective

I have read and even talked to many people along this journey who tell me of their loved ones hiding things.

They would find bananas in the bedroom, shampoo in the dresser, on and on. Almost everyone one of these people said the same thing. "Mom is hiding stuff, hoarding it"

That could be, but let me tell you what is happening from a patients perspective. What is going on here is the patient is simply putting things away where they think they are supposed to go.

This happens to me all the time, and I am not hiding a thing, or hoarding anything. I simply put things back where they go.

Problem is, where I choose or think they go is not even close to where they should be. I have found things that belong in the garage in our kitchen cubbord.

Phyllis June has found things that should have been in the refrigerator in a cubbord. I have thrown things out, thinking they need to go in the trash.

There has been pans in the freezer, my coat on the hot tub, the dogs dishes in the garage, where they never are kept. On and on, and on.

We have lost many things here at the house, which in fact are not lost, its just a matter of where I put them. We had a potato peeler that we got from Pampered Chef that we just loved. It's been gone for months, never to be seen again.

So the next time you find an orange under the cushion of the couch or beaters to your mixer in the bathroom, remember it's there cause that is where it goes. To the patient at least.

When I tell this story, a look of disbelief comes to most peoples face. They just assume their loved one is hiding things or like I said, hoarding them.

When in reality if they would think about it, "Mom, Dad" or whoever don't have the ability to know to hide anything. They are indeed simply putting things where they believe they go...

Sometimes what is happening is something very simple. It's not a huge cover up like they are hiding things on purpose. Patients don't do anything on purpose.