Saturday, January 25, 2014

Saturdays, 24 hours without anyone around

Today is Saturday. The day Phyllis June does her 24hr shift at EMS. She enjoys working there. I had 24yrs in when forced to retire, she is working on her 26th now.

Sometimes days when she is gone that long are very demanding. Sometimes things here run smooth. I rarely cook anything. Maybe fix a pizza in the oven, cheeseburger, something along those lines.

In time this just won't work. Me being here 24hrs without anyone around. For now it works. And that's what we celebrate. What works. We have prepared for that day, but we don't dwell on it.

Isn't healthy. We like to enjoy the little things that still do work, instead of worrying about what will come down the road.

So it's Sam, Rambo and I against the world today. Bitter cold out, snowing real hard, not fit for man nor beast outside today.

Someone had hit a telephone pole that is just beside our garage sometime yesterday. Sheered it to a 45° angle. The power company came out and temporarily repaired it.

I will be keeping an eye on it the next few days. If it should fall, it would indeed go right through our garage roof. Always something. Makes life interesting.

Have a good week end everyone. Stay warm, be safe. And I hope you week end is uneventful when it comes to this disease.