Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Statistics are skewed

Statistics. Dementia studies. How many are diagnosed. How many are being treated. How many have seen improvements. How many are in clinical trials. How many have died from some form of dementia.

Here's what you won't hear about statistics. They don't mean a thing. This thing we know as dementia is so new when you look at the whole picture.

Did you know that up until two years ago they never put cause of death as Alzheimer's, or dementia on a death certificate?

Now think about that. How many people do you suppose has died from the effects of dementia or complications due to the disease in the last say fifty years???

Up until about twenty years ago you wouldn't even hear the term Alzheimer's or dementia. It was senile, or hardening of the arteries.

There were no clinical trials twenty years ago. When I am asked "Did either of your parents have dementia of any kind?" I always say, "Who knows".

They simply didn't keep records like that back then. Both of my parents died relatively young. So, could either have had dementia? Sure. But back then like I said no one talked about it, let alone thought of testing for it.

Any statistic you read about how many people are diagnosed every 68 seconds is also skewed. Those they are talking about are the ones that indeed are diagnosed.

What about the ones who have had dementia and never once went to a doctor, let alone complain about memory loss??

So when you read about all the statistics, just keep in mind they are only as good as the input that was used. In other words, if they truly knew how many people actually had dementia, the one every 68 seconds would be much higher. Much.

One day they will have statistics. Actual statistics that mean something. Cause they will have years and years of concrete studies done. But for now any statistics you see are skewed.

Because they never ever started keeping records to just recently. Now you will see obituaries where the patient died from Alzheimer's. You wouldn't have seen this three years ago.

That fact alone and the fact that there is no way of telling how many actually have dementia and just fail to go to the doctor takes all their so called statistics and makes them in my mind useless...