Saturday, January 11, 2014

When you pass from dementia you have won the war

We have many losses here on Mp. And one is just as devastating as the other. Our hearts go out to the families. Saying we are sorry for your loss never seems to be enough, but we are truly sorry for every loss we have here on Mp.

I always tell people that when someone passes from this horrible disease, they have not lost the battle.

They indeed have won the battle. They are finally free of this disease that has robbed them completely. 

There are many "wars" one will encounter during this journey, and chances are you will lose all of them. But in the end, when your loved one is finally free from the disease called dementia, they have indeed won the battle.

I completely understand the meaning of loss. But in time, most if not all will realize when their loved one has passed away it is indeed a blessing of sorts.

Right now there is nothing that is going to slow the progression of this disease. That alone tells me as bad as I am today, I will get worse.

And when we all reach the final stage of this disease, we essentially have already left. The person you see is but the earthly remains in the final hour.

But their soul is free. "Free at last, free at last. Thank God we are free at last." as one of the most famous quotes in history states.

My heart breaks for every person who has this disease, every caregiver that has to do the unthinkable at times, and then to just do it again and again.

We all suffer when we lose a loved one. We all grieve. Grieving is for the living. But know this, they have indeed won the battle.

I long for the day I am also free of this disease. I will fight each war, and lose most to dementia. But in the end, I will win. I will be free. I have come to grips with this a long time ago.

I have made peace over it. What else can you do? So grieve for you loved ones passing, but know they are free from the horrible nightmare of dementia.

They are at peace. An every lasting peace. That is what I want people to know and remember when my time comes...