Friday, February 28, 2014

Acceptance does not mean you have given up.

Accepting simply means you understand what is going on, what is coming, and you have made plans to ensure your journey.

Accepting certainly doesn't mean you have given up or even that this is over. It simply is a way of wrapping your mind around what is happening.

I have said this a thousand times, when there is denial, there is void that never will be filled.

Seeing both family members who accept this and seeing those who deny it, there is no question who is most at peace.

And I do believe acceptance does give you power over what is happening. It gives you knowledge cause you are open to discussion.

And knowledge is power. When I talk to people about my disease and our journey I tell them that we have indeed accepted what is happening.

To us, there is nothing else we can do. Dementia will progress and there will come a day when those who are in denial and have been in denial will understand the precious time they lost, by simply treating this disease as the elephant in the room.

None of this helps a caregiver/family member at three in the morning when you've only gotten about two hours sleep and chaos ensues once again.

I do know that the patient will receive better care from a family member who understands what is going on and what will happen.

They won't if they are surrounded by people who think this will pass. It won't. And you will never forgive yourself for not doing everything you possibly could, While You Still Can...