Thursday, February 20, 2014

I Will Not Endorse False Dramatization

I posted about a dramatization I used to do at my speaking engagements. I would like to compare what I suggest you do, to the idea of putting on goggles, oven mitts, head phones with blaring music, and marbles in your shoes.

The one with the goggles and oven mitts is indeed used in many symposiums. One that I attended matter of fact.

I took immediate offense to it. It was demeaning and degrading. This was no different than making fun a blind person. There were a handful of people plucked out of the audience and they were asked to don the goggle, mitts, etc.

Then they started the music blaring in their ears, and gave them five tasks to preform.

First of all, if you know anything about dementia, which the individual putting this side show on does, you should know you cannot give a dementia patient five tasks at once and expect results.

It ins't going to happen under any circumstances. They simply cannot do that. And being a patient, I can tell you for 100%  certainly that I do not walk around as if I have marbles in my shoes.

Nor do see everything through goggles, or my hands act like oven mitts...and on and on.

I had the opportunity to speak next, right after this display of ingenious and told the room of about 400 doctors, nurses, and medical professional what they had just witnessed was the worse display about dementia I have ever seen.

You could have heard a pin drop. I went on to say that this exercise at best may show you how some elderly people react. Maybe.

But there isn't one single shred of it that pertains to a dementia patient. How can I be so sure? Cause I am one. Again, you could have heard a pin drop.

This exercise is for lack of a better term, is laziness. Someone, somewhere came up with this, and when they showed it to other non-patient people they just ran with it.

It's wrong. It'd degrading. And it's harmful. This was done like I said in a room full of supposedly very well educated medical people. Yet they sat there and laughed at every move the person with the goggles and oven mitts on did.

I then told the people in the room to pick a book. Any book. Turn to any page and begin to read. Except only read every forth word, and every third paragraph.

Some indeed reached for a book, I gave them a few minutes and asked the ones that did to raise their hands. I then asked them what they had read. Tell us what the story line was.

They obviously couldn't. That is what we patients go through every waken moment of every day.

If we are involved in conversation we hear about every third word. If we are given a set of directions to do, we can only do one, and that's on a good day.

The bottom line is, this side show that many of you have probably seen in the past, is just that. Something that belongs in a circus. To say and claim this is what a patient deals with is absurd.

Please don't let your loved one be a part of such a travesty. I can tell you this with 100% accuracy, the only ones who hold even the slightest bit of credence to this mockery are caregivers or family members.

You will never find one patient who says "Yea, that's what I go through everyday."

You won't cause it isn't. It isn't even close. And anyone involved with such a dramatization should be ashamed.

This as always are just my thoughts on it. But I can tell you this, we, Mp will not stand behind this type of thing. I have been asked in the past to put a word in for what it does.

After I indeed told them what I thought, they of course decided I was not a candidate to endorse this type of thing...and never will be.