Wednesday, February 5, 2014

My posts have a process

I always have within reach of me a legal pad and my iPhone to use as a recorder, when doing any posts I may want to put here.

It takes on average about an hour, sometimes longer to get my thoughts together, put them on paper, record them, and then finally type them here.

There is a process to this for me. I just don't sit here and start typing. Many times I have been asked, "How do you write so eloquently?"

First of all, I don't think for a second its eloquent. Being in law enforcement and EMS for many years I long ago learned how to do a report, and tell a story.

Paint a picture if you will. We were taught in the beginning that very important people will read your reports. Some reports could literally put them in prison for life.

So you must realize whoever reads your report wasn't there. And the only idea they have about what happened is your account of what transpired.

A jury is a perfect example. When I testified in front of a grand jury or even petit jury I always turned my seat toward them, and looked at every one of them to let them know I was talking to them.

I had to tell a story. It was my job to put them at the scene of the crime. The same rings true here for me.

In order to get anyone to understand what I am trying to explain I have to paint them a picture. Put them there.

Sometimes it works. Sometimes not so much. But I wanted to explain to some of you who wonder how I can just post some of my comments, as though I just sit here and start typing.

There is a process. I used to do daily videos and post here. For maybe a year I did those. In the beginning it was for me. To see my progression, or whatever.

One day I posted one, and the rest is or was history. We have close to two hundred of my video's compiled now. Some were very good if I say so myself. Some I couldn't even make heads or tails of myself after watching.

It got so bad that in the end I wouldn't even watch them. I would stray off topic, forget what I was even doing the video for and things like that.

These videos are however used in some facilities for CEU's or as a training tool. Not because I did them, but because back then no one did them.

Now, through the magic of the internet there are some other patients doing videos and I couldn't be happier this is happening.

I wanted to explain how my posts come about. I sometimes have two or three that I have done and only post one a day. That proved not to work so well cause I would indeed forget about the ones I had done and was going to post.

So if anyone says, "How can Rick write them posts he does?" This explains that to you. Or at least it was my