Wednesday, February 26, 2014

No drugs slow the disease, there is no cure

Sometimes we get medication and what they will do for the patient is confusing. Most family members want to see a marked improvement in their loved from what ever medications they may be taking.

And up until a couple of years ago, these drug companies did indeed advertise that their medication will in fact slow the progression of this disease.

They all did it. Namanda, Aricept, Exelon...even the doctor's who were prescribing these meds to their patients would say, that this will indeed slow the progression.

Then came the FDA. The Food and Drug Administration. And not a moment to soon. They came down hard on these companies, but none harder the drug I am on, the Exelon patch.

They were told to revamp their advertising structure or pull their product. What they were peddling just wasn't true.

So, they of course complied and now what you will read in the find print if no where else that the Exelon patch may lesson the symptoms of dementia.

And the key word there is "may". They can't and aren't allowed to even come out and say that the patch will indeed lesson the symptoms, cause it simply does not.

Now you as a caregiver or family member may see a definite change in your loved one and think it has to do with the meds they are on. This is common, and natural.

But the truth is, there isn't a drug on the market that will slow the progression of this disease. None.

You will hear of cases where this is coming, or that is coming. Within five years this will happen, or that. Again, if someone found a cure for dementia today it would take decades for it to filter down to people like you and I.

This is how are system works. And thats if it was found to be a cure. First of all the are close to coming up with something in rats.

If you are a patient like me, hearing this is not hope, its a death sentence. If what we have going for us is they are close to a breakthrough of some sort with the study of rats...

Common sense tells you we are decades away from any drug that will indeed slow the progression, let alone a cure for dementia.

Now some have called me a prognosticator, a person who doesn't believe in cure even being found. That couldn't be further from the truth. I know one day there will be a cure, just like there was with AIDS in the eighties.

But not in my lifetime. My hope is our grandkids do not have to worry about dementia. And that is indeed just a hope. I think within twenty years there will be strides made.

A cure? Who knows. But again it will not be in my lifetime, or in anyone you know who has this disease right now.

There is nothing that slows the progression. If you doctor tells you that, I would look for a new doctor. Anyone who says this is simply not right.

And there is no one who would like to see something that makes our world more bearable. But right now, we have meds that "may" lesson the symptoms.

And thats not because I said so, that's what the FDA required these drug companies to put on their labels. Or else they would not be in business.

You can't go around selling snake oil if you will. You can't profit over something that you say will do something when in fact all the studies shows it will not.

Is this hard to hear? Of course. And if you believe your loved one is getting better cause their on Aricept, or whatever...that's fine. That's all that really matters.

But the truth of it is, the fact of it are, nothing on the market today can or does slow the progression. I will take anyone to task who says there is.

You will have those who will site internet articles, and things. But not one person can site a medical study to any drug on the market today that does indeed slow the progression of dementia, let alone a cure.

If someone is telling you other wise they are either out to get your money, or they are in some sort of denial themselves. And that you can count on....
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