Friday, February 14, 2014

Take Me Home

"Take me home"...caregivers and family members often hear this from their loved one.

They can be sitting in their favorite chair, be in their own bed and you can still hear, "I want to go home".

Home for some of these individuals isn't what one would expect. They can indeed be talking about the home they first remember. 

Where they were raised as a child. We have to remember this disease robs us of our earliest memories first, then the long term memories.

So when they speak of "home", you may never understand where they are actually talking about.

In my humble opinion this is where our infamous "fiblets" come into play. Tell them anything that will calm them down. Tell them that you will take them home in just a bit.

Tell them anything, because in the long run, it doesn't matter. At this stage of the disease, they don't have the ability to realize you told them you were indeed taking them home, and didn't.

Will they repeat this over and over? You bet. But this is where the patience of job comes in, and some very good convincing that you will indeed take them home.

Think of it this way, if you could take them to where ever it is they think "home" is, they will still tell you they want to go home.

It's a no win situation. It's a disease of the brain.

Are they safe?

Are they content?

Are they pain free?

These are the only things that really matter in the end...and telling them what they want to hear. No matter how absurd it may sound to others, or how many times you have to repeat it...