Friday, February 21, 2014

This Disease is Hard for Everyone

Most of the time, not all, but most of the time your loved one with dementia has no idea what you are talking about.

I know this cause it happens daily to me. Leeanne Chamesand I Skype two or three times a week about upcoming things for Mp.

And most of the time we spend skypeing is her telling me things we have went over the last time we skyped. 

There are many projects in the works behind the scenes here at Mp. There always are and it takes up about 90% of my time.

I can be working on one project, think I know exactly what I am doing and then wham, I have no idea what I was doing or was even working on.

It has to do with me attention span. It is about three minutes on a good day. So you can imagine the challenge Leeanne has trying to keep me on point, and working on one thing at a time.

Plus, I want everything done yesterday. Waiting till tomorrow is just a waste of a day. But the things we deal with all take time.

I have in the works for example a TV producer wanting me to do a taping of a show to be aired on PBS. The segment I will be doing is about animals and how they help the handicapped.

Betty White will also be appearing on that same show. But, I want this done tomorrow. And things like these take months to prepare for.

I have done these before. The producer the last time was in Los Angeles and he had to hire a camera crew and a producer here in Ohio to come and shoot the footage for the documentary he was working on.

They were here at our house for three full days shooting film. We had about ten or twelve hours of footage shot for a half hour segment. There were lights and camera's all over the house here.

But it did end up being a very good experience for both the producers, the camera man and both Phyllis June and I.

As always I had to have someone around to keep me on track. So when I tell you your loved one only hears a portion of what you are saying to them, and then they may only understand a small part of that...try to keep that in mind.

Everything about this disease is hard. For the patient and everyone they come into contact