Sunday, February 2, 2014

We don't sugar coat

Something has been brought up on a couple of posts here lately and I wanted to expand on it.

Here on Memory People™ you will hear the truth. We don't sugar coat anything. Some understand this, some have left on account of it.

But it is truly the only way to run a Support Group. We all know how well "fiblets" work when dealing with dementia patients.

But "fiblets" does not work when handing out advice or suggestions here to other members. I used to get messages from past members who say that I am too blunt, to confrontational, to up front about things.

I can tell you this, everyone of these who have left, had an agenda. It's one thing to not like my approach when it comes to Support, it's another to think we are going to do it your way cause it seems right to you.

I never get confrontational. That simply isn't true. Now, someone tell things about me that aren't true which has happened many, many times in the past and will continue, when this happens I am confrontational.

Someone says things about Mp that simply aren't true, again I will get confrontational. What we do here, we do for everyone. We don't come up with something cause it sounds good to try.

We work hard everyday behind the scenes to make your experience here on Mp the very best it can be. We want to get you the information you need, not what we think you might want to hear.

When I tell someone of my struggles they are sometimes graphic. But that's the disease. Telling someone dementia is just an inconvenience would not help any of you and it would be wrong.

Telling you things will get better, is what most would like to hear. You won't hear it here, cause things will not get better.

As bad as it is today, this could be the very best day of my life, every. No one knows this and to imply this one would have to see into the future and we don't have many psychics here that I know of.

So know this we are all respectful here. We have different opinions, thats what makes the world go round. But we do it in a dignified manner with respect for one another.

Some posts indeed are hard to read. I suggest to those caregivers and even patients who can't really deal with those to just scroll by them. Instead of trying to make someones day by telling them something they want to hear, instead of what is actually going to happen.

We are dealing with a disease that is terminal, there is no cure, and there is nothing to date that will slow the progression. We will die.

Why anyone would be taken aback by this is beyond me. We all are going to die. I sometimes think I am ahead of the game knowing my time is limited.

I see things, that others just pass by. I know the meaning of hearing birds chirp in the mornings. I know what it means to hear the babbling of the creek by the camper we have.

And I stare into the campfire at night, knowing I have done my very best to help someone in need. I do this every night. If I am in a state of mind that I can't do this, this is why we have the Admins we do.

They too know what is expected here. And everyone agrees with how we do things here. If not it just would't work.

But its important to me we are making progress. We are changing lives one person at a time. And who can ask for anything for more?

I am thankful to be a part of this thing we call Memory People™. I am and always will be thankful for what we have here, what we do here, and how we do it...