Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Products like Lions Mane, Coconut Oil, MCT Oil, and on and on are just that. Products. None of these or any other product can slow the progression.

At best, one may lesson the symptoms. At best. I have said before if you think it helps, than go for it.

We just don't want claims here that one or more of these things does something it doesn't.

Everyone is looking for a "fix", to which there is none. If any of these products did what they claim, you have to realize everyone would know about it.

News like this would just not be on the internet, it would be national news. And a jar of coconut oil would run you hundreds of dollars if it did indeed do what some claim it does.

I am totally against medical marijuana. One, why would you experiment with a mind altering drug on someone who already has a brain disease?

Second, would you really consider giving your 84 year old Dad a drug that he has never ever had, but yet has no way of communicating what it is doing to him?

What if this intensifies his hallucinations? What if he gets addicted? Some will say you can't get addicted, that is nonsense. But say he does...or say he doesn't.

The problem here is you are dealing with people who can't communicate and tell you how it is effecting him.

One has to extremely careful when giving anyone a mind altering drug. And again, that is what marijuana is.

Does it relieve pain? They say it does. Is it worth the risks? That's something only the patient should be able to answer, and of course they can't.

Morphine is legal to give to patients also, under doctor supervision. But that doesn't mean it can be given to everyone.

There are many, many things one can use for pain. I would think long and hard about anything other than marijuana.

Course as always, that's my personal opinion.