Monday, March 10, 2014

Trips in my recliner

Take a trip, and never leave the yard. That's what a lot of patients do. I take trips almost everyday.

I set in my recliner, and try to imagine how things were. How we would load up the car with six kids and head to Myrtle Beach.

How we went to Disneyland, all the theme parks here in Ohio. How we laughed when they went parasailing. How we walked the beaches in search of sharks teeth. 

How we bought sharks teeth there, and would casually drop them while the kids were following us, claiming the found another sharks tooth.

We went to the zoo's, went to all their school plays, all the games they were involved in. Taught them drive, how to mow grass, plant flowers, how to bat.

Jumped on the trampoline for hours. Played catch in the backyard. We camped out and ate smores till they were coming out of our ears.

Catching fireflies, watching deer graze. Teaching them the firearm safety. Taking them fishing.

Enjoyed all the chaos on Christmas morning. Every Thanksgiving we sat and gave thanks. Everyday they stay with us, we don't just eat dinner, we talk of their accomplishments.

We pray together, we taught them at an early age the important things in life. We laughed till we cried, we morned together at our losses.

All of this I do from my recliner. Memories that I still have. Trips that I take, without every leaving the yard...