Friday, March 14, 2014

Why Worry? You can't control dementia

It does no good to worry about something that may never happen.

That of course is easy to say. I look at it like this. Cancer is very prevalent in our family. Both my parents and my grandmother died from cancer.

My sister has cancer, two aunts also died from cancer, and one uncle.

I have been pretty certain that cancer would be my demise. No one in our family has ever been diagnosed with dementia or any form of it, till me.

So...who would have thought. I will die from dementia. If of course cancer doesn't get me first.

I won't worry about either. I choose to worry and try to change the things I can, not waste my time worrying about something that may never happen.

I may die of cancer. But dementia is gonna get me for sure. But today I have but one thing to worry about right now...where did I leave my coffee cup, or where is the channel changer, or what did we have last night for dinner so I don't fix the same thing tonight..

These things and many more I worry about, but they are things I can control or change. Worrying if you will get some sort of dementia, that is something you can't control or change.

There is no pill, no exercise, no regiment if any kind to keep dementia from happening. Just don't worry about it, till it does.

And even then you will hopefully have many good years to come.