Friday, September 5, 2014

There Is Nothing Okay About Dementia

Another night I wake up screaming. Horrible nightmares. I can only imagine how this scares Phyllis June.
I never remember them, which I suppose is a blessing. This happens three, four times a week.
All the doctor's I have seen for this have not been able to help. I have been on a seizure medication for a long time now that they would help.
It didn't. It hasn't. It likely won't. This is one of those things that you simply cannot "fix". I would do just about anything to correct this.
I have, matter of fact. I do what the doctor's say, I take what is prescribed. But the nightmares continue.
My message to you, the caregiver is this. If your loved one suffers from these, it is just that. Suffering. It isn't like when we were kids and we had a bad dream.
These nightmares are horrific. And I am sorry to say there is nothing that I have found or the doctors I have seen can do to correct this.
The very best thing that is done for me is Phyllis June waking me up, reassuring me I'm alright, who she is, where I am, etc.
When she does awaken me, and I slowly figure out what is going on, she can then go back to sleep. For me, the terror lingers.
We are going to discuss fears on Memory People Talks today. It will be a great discussion, I have no doubt. Face your fears...that's what they say.
When your fears are so great, so real, so horrific, you can't and don't want to face them. But they're there. Every night. Waiting. It's no way to have to live.
But it is when you have these nightmares. There is nothing you can do. Just as a caregiver, comfort your loved one. Just don't tell them "It will be alright"
It won't be. There is nothing "alright" about dementia, and there never will be.