Saturday, September 6, 2014

You Can't Fix Dementia

You can fix a flat tire. You can fix a broken zipper. You can fix a leaking faucet. You can fix a boo boo on your child's leg. You can fix a broken window.
You can't fix stupid. And you can't fix Dementia. When someone tells me it will be alright, my immediate response is "No it won't. There is nothing alright about this disease and there never will be."
You can't fix stupid. And one has to be stupid to think you can "fix" dementia. Harsh words? Indeed.
You could sugar coat it and say, "A cure is coming. Just be patient. They will find a cure one day."
I am sure "they" will. But not in my lifetime. Likely not in yours. To think a cure will be available for those of us who have been diagnosed would be to say there will be cure within say, twenty years.
I don't see this happening. I have been involved in this for five years now and they are not one bit closer today then they were the day I was diagnosed as to finding a cure.
Now, you will hear there are strides being made. You will read articles about this new drug, or that new drug. I have seen ten, twenty, even more studies in the last five years, and everyone of them was the one that was going to cure dementia.
The problem is you never hear the outcome. Never. If you do it's always fraught with words like "may, might, perhaps, if, could, seems like", and on and on.
I am not trying to rain on anyone's parade. And if you are one of the ones who are waiting and looking forward to cure in your lifetime, I hope you do see it.
For me, I am a realist. I believe there will be a cure someday. But in my lifetime? Not so much. Just knowing that today could very well be the very best day I have ever again, puts things into perspective for me.
I dwell on the things I can still do, instead of the things I have lost the ability to do. Worrying about the future will not change the future. Worrying about if you will get dementia is like carrying around an umbrella everyday because it may rain.
One day at a time. That's what you need to do. Take one day at a time. Will things get worse? Yes. Will there be a cure in the next twenty years? Doubtful.
If they had a cure today, it would take decades to filter down to your local doctor, and can you imagine the cost of whatever drug it is would be?
So, I do pray for a cure. I do want a cure. But I want this cure for my grandkids. I don't want them to have to worry about dementia. That to me a plausible thing to want.
But as always, these are just my thoughts. I suppose if you had to live with this disease as we do as patients day in and day out and then read the claims of these cures all the time, you too would have the same out look.
It is indeed disheartening. Makes you think, "Can I do this? How can I take another day?" But you do. And you know why? Because that is only alternative you have.
There are no choices when it comes to dementia. The disease makes the choices for you. What you can do, and what you will never be able to do again.
So, make the best out of what you can today. This could be the very best day you will have, ever again. Take time to see things you didn't or couldn't see before, listen and you will hear things that were there all along, you were just too busy to hear.
Do these things. for one day, all of them will be gone. Do them, "While You Still Can..."