Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Memory People Support Groups Official

Last night we had our first official Memory People Coshocton Support Group. 
It was supposed to be just a meeting of the staff at the facility and some caregivers. The Director of Nursing was there also.
Like always, things never go as planned. And in this case it was a good thing. This was no meeting, it was indeed a Support Group. 
I started off by explaining to those there who were not familiar with Mp what we do, the support and awareness we offer. 
You could see the interest immediately on their faces. It's like everyone there has been looking for a venue, somewhere they can talk to people.
And they were so happy to find out that the Support Groups we were now starting would be the very same thing as what we do here on Mp.
We had figured this to be a meeting with the staff and some admins of the facility, for about thirty minutes.
Two hours later were saying our goodbyes. This is how it happens every time. You give people the opportunity to share with one another and once the initial subject is brought up, those in attendance take over.
They really don't realize it at the time, but when we winding down each one as so thankful for Phyllis June and I being there and sharing with each of them.
This like I said was supposed to be no more than us getting with the staff there. They had not put it in the newsletter that goes out to the residences or their families, and yet we still had six people in attendance on a evening where it was about 18 degrees outside and all schools in our area were closed for the day.
To say this was a success for our first meeting is an understatement. Like I said, there was no advertising telling the people there we were even having a meeting.
And just like Leeanne Chames has said for over two years now, it's hard to tell who gets more out of these support group meetings, the caregivers there, or the facilitator.
This is the beginning of something great here locally for our community. And we are so thrilled to be able to bring this to our community.
We are looking forward to recreating this over and over. Having Memory People Community Support Groups to a place near you.
Even the Alzheimer Association started out with one meeting. We have now three which are up and running. And looks to be three more will be started in the next couple of weeks or so.
One small pebble. We are changing lives. One person at a time.