Saturday, April 4, 2015

Holidays and Dementia

Another holiday is upon us. Just a reminder, what once was, is no more. If you are having a family gathering remember the dementia patient may have no idea what is going on.
There routine will most likely be changed, which is never good for a patient. Try to keep the noise to a minimum. Even the family just being together as we all love, can be very stressful on a patient in any stage of this disease. 
Make sure they are sitting at the table where they always set. If you are using different plates and things, let them eat off of what they normally do. 
Even though "Grandma" used to love all the kids around her...that was then, this is now. It can be overbearing for a patient. 
We take holidays for granted. But as a patient, I can tell you every holiday is now stressful. Days adding up to the holiday is stressful as well for some.
Our Easter this year is uneventful. Paige McMullen, my wife and I will have a quiet dinner of sorts here at the house. We may go to the camper for the afternoon. 
Or we may just do some things around the house outside. Just remember, anything out of the ordinary can be stressful on your loved one. 
Sometimes just taking them to another part of the house for a bit helps. If they just sit in their chair and act bored, they could be just trying to cope with what is going on.
Patients need not be entertained all the time. Just sitting quietly may be the very best thing for them, that and keeping everything as normal as possible during the festivities. 
May you are yours have a Blessed Easter Day. Remember the reason for the eggs. Perfect time to tell the little ones about our Savior, and why we celebrate this holiday. 
Happy Easter, everyone....He arose.