Monday, July 20, 2015

The Cause Of Dementia?

The world of dementia. "I don't know what to do" is something we hear almost daily here.
Not knowing what to do can come from someone who has cared for a dementia patient for years, decades even.
There is always a time when you won't know what to do. Why" Because this disease is so unpredictable.
Even when dementia is detected, it is an educated guess.
When dementia is diagnosed, almost every time the docs will say "You have dementia, probably of the Alzheimer's type"
The probably is the key word. Because there is no way to identify dementia with 100% accuracy without doing an autopsy of the brain. None.
What type? How long have we had it perhaps? And to what degree?
No one can definitively answer these questions, yet everyone has these questions.
I was "diagnosed" with Early On-Set Alzheimers in 2010. I knew I had memory issues at least five years prior to my official diagnosis.
Most times you will find that when someone is diagnosed the professionals will tell you they may have had dementia issues for up to ten years prior to their diagnosis.
The pill problem is indeed an issue with every patient and every caregiver. If a caregiver isn't worried or concerned that their loved is taking the right medication, they should be.
I have forgotten to take my meds dozens and dozens of times in the last five years. I have also many times taken my wife's meds instead by mistake.
Why? Because I have dementia. I don't know why, only know that the reason is the disease, no one can tell you why these things happen other than it all stems from the disease which is a disease of the brain.
The most complex organ in the human body. There are three things you can do that will help you with these issues.
Is she Safe?
Is she Pain Free?
Is she Content?
If you can answer yes to these three questions to a reasonable degree everyday, than you are doing what needs to be done.
All too often we put our health in the hands of the doctors, who don't have all the answers. When it comes to dementia if you find a doctor who claims he does have all the answers, it's time to look for another doctor.
Because they don't. This is one of the things you see over and over when it comes to dementia, the fact that caregivers and some patients believe everything that is told to them, or everything they read on the internet.
The only way a person can be diagnosed with 100% accuracy is with an autopsy of the brain. That is it. If your loved one is showing signs of dementia, then go with that.
If there isn't some sort of head trauma, or some other underlining issue that would cause a memory loss, hallucinations, sleepless nights, fear, anxiety, stress, and many, many other symptoms, then you most likely have some form of dementia.
Get another opinion. And watch with the meds. Every caregiver does. My wife does, everyday because she knows I make mistakes...