Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Importance Of Medication

We are a nation of medication. We take meds to sleep, meds to keep us awake. There are meds to lose weight, meds to gain weight.

One of the first things some doctors do with children who act out, is medicate them. Some of these situations, medications are needed.

Dementia is certainly one of them. As a patient, I can tell you that I could not function without the medication I am on.

One of the most important things you can do when it comes to this disease is to have complete confidence in the doctor who is caring for you or your loved one.

The idea that your love one is on whatever medication and things will be better, is simply not true. This is a constant battle of trying to get the right dose and the right medication to help your loved one with the symptoms this disease has.

We are very fortunate in having an extremely good doctor, who listens, and actually talks to us. He has been our doctor for decades, which helps and was instrumental in getting me into one of the most renowned Neurologists at Ohio State about four years ago.

Medications is a must when it comes to the dementia patient. And even then all the medications that your loved one is taking is only to try to lesson the symptoms of dementia.

There is nothing that will slow the progression, or reverse it, as some will tell you.

Everything I take is for the symptoms of dementia, not the disease itself.I take meds for depression, for anxiety, meds to help me sleep and so on.

Some people new to this disease have the misfortune of thinking that they can go their doctor and what is prescribed will indeed "fix" this. It won't.

Medications do indeed help, and in some cases the patient must be medically sedated for outbursts, being physically violent, or trying to hurt themselves or others.

Before dementia came into my life I was hard pressed to take a Tylenol for a headache. I am just not one to take pills. That was then, this is now.

So many times I read on Mp where the caregiver just decides for whatever reason to increase of decrease their loved ones meds because they feel that the medication isn't either working, or more would help.

There is not many things worse than messing with a patients medication, just because you can. If you feel that your love one should be on something different, or the dose should be increased, or whatever, please take this up with their doctor.

Messing with a persons medications prescribed be their doctor is not only dangerous, but can be deemed criminal in some cases.

The law is very clear on this. And common sense should tell you not to just take your loved one off of some medication unless of course their is some sort of allergic reaction.

Medications are indeed essential when it comes to dementia. I could not function without mine, and sometimes even with my meds, I cannot function.

I am often asked do I notice a difference. There is a huge difference when I forget to take my meds. I can tell within hours. I sometimes don't know that I have forgotten to take them, I just realize something isn't right.

Most anxiety and depression meds to time to work. And it can be a process of elimination of what will work, what dose, and how often to take it.

This is something that doesn't happen in just a day or two. It took several months to get my meds right. And even now, some of them have to be increased at times.

I will be on these the rest of my life. I cannot imagine what things would be like not taking the meds that I do. Yet, shockingly, some family members just take their loved ones off some meds because they don't think the medication is doing what they think the medication should.

Consult the patients doctor before doing anything with anyones medication. Unless you have M.D. after your name, you really don't have the credentials to make these decisions.