Monday, January 25, 2016

The Will To Live , The Will To Die

I have to give me two cents here. It's about the will to live or the will to die. First off, no one should in my opinion tell anyone it's alright to die or it's time they can go.

There are a lot of things I hope to hear when my time comes, "It's alight to go" is just not one of them.

Why? First of all it doesn't make sense. No one can will themselves to die. It just doesn't happen.

Sure there are stories about how Dad held on till the oldest son was there by his bedside, from the Army, or whatever.

What this is is timing. Coincidence. The son made it before his Dad died. This is a beautiful thought, but it is just that. A thought. For every story like this there are dozens of stories where the person dies alone.

When someone dies, its because their heart has stopped beating for whatever reason. Could be a massive heart attack, could be a massive stroke, a aneurism, could be complications from dementia.

But whatever the reason, your heart stops every time. When this happens you will die.

I am of the belief that God knows when you will be born and he knows when it is time and you will die. It isn't a random thing to me. But again, this is my take on dying.

The notion that you can whisper in someones ear and tell them it's alright to die or go just sounds good.

One cannot will themselves to die. That just isn't medically possible. If it was, there would be no need for suicides.

This is nothing more than one of those feel good articles and I get that. Of course everyone wants the son to make it to Dad's bedside before he dies, or they want the Mom to be surrounded by family when she goes.

The truth is, a person takes their last breath when their heart ceases to function and no matter who is in the room, who is around, they will die.

When you read stories about someone not making it to the beside of the dying person, you will hear, "Well, it was meant to be", or "They didn't want to put anyone thought that.".

All I am saying and this is my opinion backed with some very good common sense is that people die when their heart stops.

I have taken thousands of people to the emergency room in my 24 years of EMS, some clinging to life. Granted, some have lived through the injuries I have seen. But many have not.

But there are the ones that simply are not going to make it, no matter who is or who is not around. Or no matter if it was their time or not.

You get a horrific head on car crash of 100 mph plus and likely no one walks away. It doesn't matter their age, they heritage, their lifestyle, the religion, none of that matters. I have seen people live from horrific injuries sustained be it in car accident or whatever accident..

However, sometimes the injuries they sustained are injuries that were not sustainable to life. Period. This happens with illnesses as well. There comes a time for everyone that you simply won't be able to go on. Nothing or no one will change this.

My theory has always been, whoever comes up with the idea to take food away from me, do not feed me anymore...this person whoever it is should quit eating that very same time. And don't eat again, till the person that they are denying food succumbs starvation.

See if it is euphoric as those who tell you it is. My guess is its not. But the simple truth is no one knows. No one has came back from a near death experience and said, "That wasn't bad. I wasn't hungry at all".

Why? Because once again no one knows this. And thats my two cents. My wife and I have made our wills and power of attorneys out, so there will be no denying food for me. There will be many disagree and that is what makes the world go round.

I do know, that is just isn't possible to will yourself to die. That simply isn't medically possible. No matter which side of this you are on. It's fine to think that, or to claim that a loved one waited to die till someone either was there or wasn't.

I just don't want anyone whispering in my ear, "It's alright to go now"...that will be decided by the person I pray to everyday. No one else.