Saturday, January 30, 2016

When Donating Research What Your Money Is Used For

Donations, What is your donation being used for?

Wounded Warriors under fire. Looks like Trace Atkins will be looking for work. Seems they are taking in more than they are giving out. The CEO of WW makes $491,000 a year. Some young dude who is milking the system.

How can any organization be taken seriously when the CEO is making this kind of money? The answers you get are, "the salaries are in line with the rest of the CEO's in this category".

My answer is, then they all are making too much money. I am the CEO of an organization that helps tens of thousands of people everyday. Myself and the COO of the non-profit keep things running smoothly with the help of our Administration team.

What we do changes lives. Neither of us have taken lavish vacations, have an expense account, have a company car.

Better than that, last year, and every year since we have become a non-profit 501C-3, our salary was $0.00.

What is going on here is fraud. The same thing goes on in almost every non-profit. It is in a way a license to steal money.

Just to name a few more non-profits who's CEO's make millions:

Alzheimer Association CEO., Harry John's makes $2,731,016.00 in compensation. Think about this the next time you write a check to the Alzheimer Association for a donation.

CEO of Goodwill Industries makes $3,206, 088 in compensation. Think of that the next time you take your clothes to the goodwill.You donate to his business and he sells your items for profit. Quit giving to this man.

Marsha Evans, CEO of the Red Cross gets $651,957.00. Seems like the disaster business is booming.

UNICEF CEO Caryl Stern gets $1,200,000.00 plus all expenses which includes but is not limited to a Rolls Royce.

Nancy Brown, CEO of the American Heat Association gets $1,443,000.00 a year. Heat attacks are big business.

John Saffron, CEO of the American Cancer Society gets $1,404,000.00 a year in salary.  Chemo is expensive.

Brain Gallagher CEO of the United Way makes $1,272,000.00 a year.

Now, here is a list of non-profits where the CEO's make $0.00:

The Veterans of Foreign Wars.

The American Legion

The Salvation Army

The Disabled American Veterans

Make a Wish Foundation

Ronald McDonald Houses

Saint Jude Research Hospital

Memory People, Inc.

There are huge non-profits that their CEO's do not make millions of dollars.

Think about the salaries of the ones who make millions of dollars before you send your donation out the next time. If you are fine with sending the Alzheimer Association a donation knowing that the CEO makes a cool $2.7 million dollars a year, more power to you.

Our organization, Memory People, Inc. has no one on their payroll. We have no perks for the executives. Every dime that is donated to us goes to help keep Memory People™ the site that it is.

I pains me to know there are dozens of CEO's bilking the very people who donate to them.

Do you really think you donation to the Alzheimer Association goes to research? If so, then that is great. But, who do you suppose pays these salaries? And for every CEO making this kind of money, you have hundreds of people under them getting paid enormous wages as well.

You send $10, $20, $50, or $100 dollars to the AA, you can bet that money is used to make payroll. This is not a slam on the Alzheimer Association, they are just doing what many other non-profits are. Taking advantage of the system. Because no one is every held accountable.

Who in their right mind agrees that the CEO of Goodwill Industries is worth $3.4 million dollars a year? For what? Taking your donations of clothes and other items and selling them for his profit.

What a gig this clown has. But he is not alone. And the sad part is, no one pays attention. No one cares. You just give because it is the right thing to do. Sadly, your money is not going where you think...

© Rick Phelps 2016