Sunday, February 21, 2016

Alexia Echo For Dementia Patients

Amazon Echo Helping With Dementia

I have had a new product for about a week now and was wanting to share with you about what it does for me.

It's called the Amazon Echo. Before I tell you about it, let me tell you what it does for me. I can answer this with one question. What day is it?

What day is it? I ask Phyllis June this constantly, which you have probably heard me talk about before. This is just one of the things that I deal with, not knowing what day it is because of dementia.

So what you may ask? What do you have to do that is so pressing you need to know what day it is? The answer to this is I don't have anything pressing.

However, since we were just toddlers everything we do starts with knowing what day it is, or what time it is. Most don't realize this because knowing what day it is comes natural to everyone.

Not knowing isn't natural. I have trouble with what month it is as well, and a whole host of other things.

This is where this phenomenal little device comes in. Echo, or Alexia. Alexia is what Echo's "wake word is". It is the only word you need to know. Alexia.

You can change the "wake word" to either Echo, Amazon, or leave it as Alexia. What is a "wake word" you ask. It is the word you must use to "wake" the device. The Echo once turned on, listens to what is being said constantly. And it is listening for its "wake word" from you to answering anything you ask it.

"Alexia, what day is it?"  "Alexia, what time is it?"  Alexia, is it going to rain?" Alexia, how many teaspoons are in a cup?" Alexia, what time is Andy Griffith on tonight?" and on and on and on. "Alexia, what is my wife's phone number?"  "Alexia, when is the next full moon?" "Alexia, how many days till Christmas?" "Alexia, what is 345 x 37?" "Alexia, who was the twenty seventh President of the United States?" "Alexia, what is the capitol of Bangladesh?"  "Alexia how far is it to Walmart?" "Alexia, how far is to Denver, Colorado?"  "Alexia, set a timer for ten minutes". Alexia, set an alarm for 7:00am everyday but Saturday."

I tell you that you can ask this device anything. It only needs wifi to operate, and it gets all the answers to your questions from there. And they are split second answers. And they are accurate. I have yet to trip this thing up.

"Alexia, remind me to take my medicine at 8:00am and 8:00pm everyday".  Once you tell Alexia to do this, it will indeed remind you daily to take your medicine.

It can play any music you want. Any music you want. Again, this comes from the "cloud" that Amazon uses. Say your loved one loves some artist that you don't have any recordings of. No problem. What about reading a book for you? It can do this also.

"Alexia, play New York, New York, by Frank Sinatra"  "Alexia, add paper towels to my shopping list."  "Alexia, what is the weight of an elephant?" "Alexia, read the Bible."  All you need to do for this thing to read any book to you, is to have this book on audio. Which I buy all my books like. Since I can no longer read. That alone makes this thing worth it's weight in gold to me.

To many, the Amazon Echo is a cool thing to have. Some what of a just another electronic gadget. But to a dementia patient it is much, much more than that.

It has afforded me something that I have lost. Memory. I can ask Alexia anything and I get the answer instantly. And I can ask it what day it is twenty times a day and I will still get the same correct answer.

I am adding a short video about this item below. Check it out then go to and search for Amazon Echo. It has over thirty thousand reviews and all of them are positive.

The item sells for $179.00. And for what Amazon Echo does for me, it's priceless.

We are not in the business of promoting items here on Mp. I have said that over and over. And over the years I have been asked to promote certain things only because of our numbers here.

People see we have over 13,000 members and all they see is dollar signs. We are not about anyone coming to Mp and peddling their newest thing to make a buck off of anyone here.

But, this item is indeed a miracle for me. I am writing a letter to Amazon about what this thing can do and does for a dementia patient. In the hundreds of reviews I have read and videos I have watched, they never have mentioned using it for a dementia patient.

I would never steer you wrong. Like I said, this item isn't cheap. And it does not look like it. It weighs about three pounds and is very well built.

And to get it to work, you simply plug it in, ask it to "pair" with your phone, you have to have wifi, once you've done that, you are ready to go.

Here is the video...I hope you see the potential this thing has for your loved one. This obviously would not be something for someone in the later stages that has trouble speaking.

But if you have a loved one who is constantly asking anything, be it what day is it or whatever, this is the ticket. All they need to remember is the "wake word"....Alexia, Amazon, or Echo. And then ask away or have it play any song under the sun. It is that good.

© Rick Phelps 2016