Sunday, February 7, 2016

When To Call Hospice

Something I think needs to be addressed. When is it time to call Hospice in?

This is one of those things where you can never call too early. I mean, they, hospice will come out and talk to a family anytime and advise if it is indeed time.

The thing is, hospice is put into action only by the patients physician. He has to be the one that agrees hospice is indeed implemented.

One cannot just call hospice and get on their program. The reason for this is all kinds of things change. The most important is the change in the patients medication.

For example, they will be taken off of high blood pressure medication. They will be taken off of any and all meds that are life sustaining. And this could include and most likely would some of the meds your loved one is on for dementia.

When it comes to hospice and dementia, one has to think about this very carefully. You see with dementia, you can easily see days or even weeks that looks as though there is no recovering from what they are going through. Then sure enough, they do bounce back, somewhat.

Hospice deals with a lot more then end of life issues. But end of life issues is what they are known for. And what they do, they are the very best at.

Just know this, many people are put on hospice and get better. They then indeed are taken off of hospice. Sometimes they are put on their for failure to thrive. Something that can change.

They of course are still terminal. That is what hospice deals with, terminal patients. People who have six months or less to live. This could change and they are re-evaluated from time to time by hospice and their doctor.

All meds are changed, but not without express written consent by the patients doctor. They have complete control of what the patient is given. It's just that if the family, or whoever demands that their loved one is kept on whatever drug that indeed is needed to keep this person alive, hospice will not get involved.

They are there for those who are indeed dying. Just remember when dealing with dementia, one of the first things they will likely do is take the patient off of all of their meds and go from there.

I want hospice called in, when the time is right. When I am comatose and there is no chance of me coming back from this and having any kind of life.

Not because I am sitting in a chair in a facility and just seem to have given up. This disease presents itself to everyone that the patient indeed may have giver up.

I never give up. It's not in my DNA. So, the last thing I want is to be denied something that will keep me alive. Until the time has come. And it is up to my wife, and no one else to make that call.

Our daughter of course should God forbid Phyllis June not be here.

© Rick Phelps 2016