Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Can Alzheimer's Be Stopped

There was a special on Nova last night titled "Can Alzheimers be stopped?"

I started watching it, and the one of the first things I heard was the son who was doing this documentary saying that his Mother is not here anymore.

He then clarified it somewhat, but statements like that take away all credibility. When you say that your loved one is not here anymore, what does that mean?

Of course their there. Obviously not in a way that they once were. This is one of the stigmas that go along with dementia of any kind.

Patients have feelings. They feel fear, loneliness, confusion, and on and on. Some of these feelings are more intense, some less.

At any given moment things change with the demeanor of the patient. They can be here, talking one moment and the very next become almost comatose.

What happens here is all caused by having a disease of the brain. The most complex organ in the human body.

The truth is, there is a cure in sight. When is the million dollar question. I have been hearing about a cure in sight since I was diagnosed in 2010 and started paying attention to these things.

However, they are not one bit closer to cure then they were twenty years ago. This is very difficult to hear, but it is the truth.

These documentaries are what I refer to as a flash in the pan. Their on tv, then forgotten about. Only those affected by dementia even watch.

The title say it all. "Can Alzheimers be stopped?" The answer, and I have not watched this show yet, but he answer is no. Not yet.

Someday. Probably. But like I said we are no closer today then they were decades ago in finding a cure.

I suppose I look at this different, being a patient. Caregivers, family members and loved ones want a cure so bad, they sometimes have blinders on.

Here's the deal and I have said this for years. If there were a cure today, and of course there isn't. But if there were, it would be decades before it would filter down to the common person.

First off, the FDA would have to approve this, which would take years. Then, and this is what they don't tell you but only a few would be able to afford what ever drug they have found that does indeed cure this horrible disease.

The concoction they had for AIDS back in the eighties that put people into remission was tens of thousands of dollars a month.

Again, I am not trying to be a Debbie downer here but when I see programs like this they simply are not telling you the whole story.

I am not a doctor, nor am I physic, but I am telling if you were diagnosed today, the chances of them finding a cure in your lifetime are slim and none. When they do find a cure, that won't reverse dementia to those of us who already have it.

I wish these people would focus on making the life of a dementia patient at least more tolerable. If they could come up with something that actually worked for the symptoms of dementia this alone would be a game changer.

But all you hear is about a cure that is coming. Why? Because it sells. I have always said that dementia is big business. There are people and organizations making tens of millions of dollars from this disease one way or another.

The Alzheimer Association is perfect example. They have helped us out immensely in the beginning but have lost their way in my opinion.

To them, it's about the money. When you have a CEO making $950,000 a year, being the head of an organization like this how on earth can anyone justify this as a non-profit organization?

They are not the only ones. The head of the Goodwill makes close to million dollars a year, the head of the Red Cross, and on and on and on.

The reality is the AA is not going to cure dementia. This is a farce. The only entity that can and has the resources to find a cure is the Federal Gov't. Us, in other words, the tax payer.

Until out Gov't gets there head out of the sand and understands that this will become an epidemic, there will be no cure.

It is going to take decades, and trillions of dollars. And the bottom line is no documentary nor any walk for a cure is going to do anything.

In the year 2050 it is estimated that dementia alone and cost of it for patients to be cared for will cost taxpayers over 20 trillion dollars to fund. Through Medicare/Medicaid or whatever Gov't program.

This will indeed break the bank. We as a nation simply cannot afford this. It will collapse the health care system.

The issue here is no one in Washington cares. Period. They will, but they certainly don't now. To get a handle on this would mean tax increases and no Congressman or Senator is going to entertain this idea. That would be political suicide.

The ones who are blowing smoke, who say this will cured by 2025 won't even be in office in 2025. It sounds good now. Plays great for the cameras and for re-election. There is even a well known organization that demands a cure be found by 2025. Demands? This too is joke. Their slogan one year was "Alzheimer Sucks".

Well yes it does. But when you have a slogan that says "Alzheimer Sucks", that to me again takes away your credibility.

I have been to Washington. Sat across the desk from some of the most powerful men in the Gov.t and can tell you without a doubt, they don't care.

They sit there and look at you like you have two heads. They shake their heads up and down but have no intention of putting forth a Bill that would increase the spending for research to an amount that it is going to take. These people do not have your best interest in mind. Period.

I will watch the Nova special. Well, maybe. From what I gather it's more about getting people into clinical trials. Which is a whole other story.

I will say one thing about clinical trials. Whether you are for them or against them, think about this. When was the last time you heard any out come from any clinical trial?

They have them, but I for one have never once heard an outcome on one. I have asked, but have never gotten a response as to what they learned.

Here is where they are on one particular clinical trial. They have this rat. A rat that they say has dementia. That alone should make you say, "What?" But anyways, theres this rat, who has dementia and they give this rat some concoction and it has a positive reaction.

And that means what? Not only do they claim to have a rat that they know has dementia, but after given a drug to it, and not to other rats with dementia, the rat that got the drug seemed to act better. Now you tell me, how does anyone know a rat has dementia.

Common sense tells you they can't even diagnose human beings to a certainty. To me this is a total waste of resources, but again it's a trail.

That isq where we are. You can't make this stuff up. This is why I have said over and over, what we do here at Mp far exceeds any clinical trial or scientific study they are doing on rats.

You may not like what you read here. You may not want to accept what is going on with your loved one, but you will hear the truth here.

No sugar coating. No pampering. We simply don't have time for it. What you need to do is deal with what is happening today with your loved one. Not next month, six months, or six years.

Of course you need a plan. You will need several plans. And most of those plans will go out the window. But if you deal with what is happening today. Tell your loved one you are there and will be. Tell them how much you love them, and do the very best you can to deal with the things that come up....you will be far better off than any documentary will teach you.

There are three simple questions I tell people to ask themselves about their loved one.

Are they safe?

Are the pain free?

Are they content?

If you can say yes to these three questions you are making a difference. And that is all any of us can do. Try to make a difference in the dementia patients life. "While We Still Can..."

© Rick Phelps 2016