While I Still Can…  One Man’s Journey Through Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease

by Rick Phelps and Gary Joseph LeBlanc
Rare is the opportunity to experience the nightmare of Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease from the perspective of a patient.  In his book, While I Still Can, Rick Phelps, the founder of “Memory People”, an online Alzheimer’s and memory impairment support and awareness group,  changes that.   Diagnosed at the age of 57 with this fatal disease, Phelps has decided it was time the veil was lifted.   Throughout this book the reader is given a firsthand account of the early signs that Phelps experienced before being diagnosed with EOAD, the loneliness he felt during the denial period of family and friends and the terror that gripped his heart upon receiving the undeniable diagnosis.  Phelps then describes how he and his loved ones have learned to cope since his diagnosis, finding the will to continue to live and love everyday, while he still can.